About Us 

PBE Solutions, LLC is a Woman Owned Business dedicated to providing a nimble Total Byproduct Management Program committed to serving the needs of our customer's with new, innovative methods for efficiency improvements in the waste and recycling industry, while exhibiting integrity and accountability to mother earth. PBE Solutions, LLC (PBES) was formed in 2012 to focus on sustainability activities at industrial and commerical establishments primarily related to the management of production byproducts, off specification product and returned product. A major aspect of the formation of PBES was to develop a family owned business with women leadership at the helm, unique to the waste and recycling industry, driving innovative change in the waste and recycling industry through cost effective methods of treatment and efficiency improvements. As part of this drive, we sought to be certified as a Women's Business Enterprise to further enhance this leadership skill set, so that our customers could not only pursue greener solutions to the issues we address, but also secure "diverse spend credits from a WBE.

The People Behind PBE Solutions


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